Buy Personal Pendant Alarm

Buying a personal pendant alarm from indi-pendant could not be easier.

All of our purchases are made on-line your personal pendant alarm will arrive ready to use once the pendant is fully charged.

Download the appropriate app using the links on this page, as many users as you like can login to the app but only 3 numbers will be called in the event of an alarm activation.

You can register more than one pendant in the app, so if you have loved ones in different parts of the country you can just use the same app to recieve alerts.

Before you buy your personal pendant alarm check if your purchase could be VAT exempt

We have to ask you each time you make a purchase from us to confirm VAT exemption read more about VAT exemption

A detailed explanation about how our alarm pendant works & also some of the features available to assist with independent living.

Choose the personal alarm product you would like to buy from us.

The benefits of using an indi-pendant personal pendant alarm

Benefits of using indi-pendant for users

  • Easy to install
  • Direct voice communications
  • Low Cost
  • Unlimited range
  • Connects to the strongest mobile phone signal
  • FREE App for loved ones & carers to use

Benefits of using indi-pendant for carers

  • Easy to use
  • Geofence alerts
  • FREE app to track in the event of an activation
  • Low cost
  • Direct voice communicatiion